About Us

The Bold Effect is a for purpose enterprise, dedicated to helping build a better world for all human kind.  We believe in the importance for all people of extraordinary leadership.  Leadership with empathy, with vision, with courage and with the skills, network and vision to help organisations and communities achieve extraordinary results now and in the future.

Our mission is to help industry, business and society to adapt to a changing world by cultivating skilled, knowledgeable and well networked leaders.  We draw upon our significant experience to offer unique, bespoke, action based and results oriented leadership development programs that meet the individual needs of learners and which are highly relevant for specific industries and organisations.

  • White label, bespoke, multi-modal leadership development programs
  • Inclusivity by design
  • Tailored to be relevant to the industry or organisation
  • Future fit leadership skills
  • Individually tailored curriculum

Founded by Sara Hales, The Bold Effect draws on Sara’s significant commercial and operational leadership experience, across agriculture and aviation / infrastructure investment as well as community projects. Sara’s background reporting at a Board level, while operating a significant business asset on behalf of the owners, instilled an appreciation of the necessity of aligning all initiatives to deliver on the organisations’ most pressing objectives, such as business growth, EBIT and ROI, and the importance of unlocking the full value of human capital within an organisation to drive innovation and performance.

The Bold Effect provides businesses with strategic support focused on delivering ROI and other key business outcomes through empowering, aligning and unlocking talent within the organisation and through building exceptional leadership teams.